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We are in a global climate emergency, temperatures are rising, soils are depleting, pollution events continue and biodiversity is collapsing. Our food system is broken and our whole way of life is under threat. That all sounds rather like the opening line to a disaster movie and make no mistake without radical change we are heading for total disaster but importantly; we do have the solutions to ensure this plot has a positive ending.

Mankind’s relentless quest for growth, better lifestyles, a desire to acquire ever more stuff has had the most terrible effect on the planet. The standard of living for almost everyone may have improved but at what cost? In a little over 200 years mankind has managed to extract and burn a high proportion of the CO2 that Mother Nature had quietly tucked away over millions of years. We have all benefited and thankfully we now know (well most people at least) what has caused anthropological climate change and we have the means, the know-how and the ingenuity to put it right.

What we need is for everyone on the planet to make adjustments to their lifestyles that each day make a positive contribution towards reversing climate change. It needn’t mean a complete change in how we all live our lives but we must all be prepared to make those changes and make them now.

At Re-Generation Earth we will help guide you in ways that you can make a difference, whilst maintaining the improved standards of living that people have come to expect. We will try and make going green fun, informative and most importantly achievable.

We won’t preach at you and insist that you give up eating meat, travelling by plane or car or what to buy and when. We may however suggest you eat less and a certain type of meat, travel slightly less, consider electric where possible and ask yourself, what are the true costs of that really cheap item that’s screaming at you online. More often than not, the cheap T shirt or cheap burger has come at a huge external cost that the planet pays, rather than you directly.

Plastic is not bad per se, its how it is dealt with after use that matters. Can you reduce what you use, if not can you reuse or recycle, the answer is almost certainly yes to at least one of those points.

Your garden may seem like a peaceful haven to you, but how has that paving, new fence or artificial grass affected the small things you don’t notice every day? What can you do to make it better for the birds, bees, mammals and butterflies that can thrive in built up areas if given a chance?

These are all the things that we will help guide individuals and businesses through and along with a subscription with Re-Generation Earth to sequester your carbon output and build biodiversity we will help you take those first steps to becoming part of the Re-Generation.

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